Come Work with Us!

We Are Searching for a (half-time) Senior Pastor.

The Palisades Community Church is a progressive, welcoming, and intentionally diverse congregation located in northwest Washington, DC. We are open-minded, multi-denominational, dedicated to religious inclusiveness, and committed to giving back to our community and world. We believe that all people are unconditionally welcome and that the teachings of Jesus call us to love and serve all of our neighbors, both in the Washington, DC community and beyond.

A Pivotal Moment

2021 is proving to be PCC’s crucial moment of change. Like so many congregations, ours had dwindled over the years and become a small group meeting in a large building. But unlike many churches which suffer slow attrition, our church took visionary action. In the past year, during a pandemic, PCC boldly created a non-profit called the Palisades Hub, which will manage the physical building and spearhead neighborhood connections. In February 2021 the Palisades Hub launched under the direction of a new Executive Director. This congregation is now freed from landlord duties and supported by the structure of a non-profit. We can redefine what it means to be a community of faith in the Palisades neighborhood of Washington DC. Without a doubt, worship and music will be at the core of whatever happens next.

Are you up for the challenge and opportunity of leading in this moment of change?

How to Apply

For application package, click here (deadline June 4).

If you have any questions Contact Us.