The Palisades Hub

The congregation has recently envisioned and created The Palisades Hub, a non-profit which will manage the logistics and mission of the church building. By cultivating a gathering space for people to connect, learn and serve, the church will live out the truth that “Our middle name is Community.” As of February 2020, The Palisades Hub welcomed Julie Simonton as the Executive Director. 

Rental Requests Welcome

Your rental requests for the building are welcome! Common rental requests include birthday parties, weddings, funerals, receptions, yoga, Kung Fu, music, poetry and educational classes, religious services, and other special events. If you are interested in renting our worship space and/or multi-purpose room, contact Space Rentals at The Palisades Hub.

Pastor Elizabeth welcomes the Boy and Girl Scouts to Scout Sunday, February 11, 2018.

Some of the organizations which partner with us:

The Boy Scouts (Both Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts)
The Jung Society
The Palisades Village
Palisades Citizens’ Association
The Community Preschool of the Palisades
Templo Guaracy Das Tradicoes
Poetry classes
Music classes
Lion’s Club