What We Believe

If you were to ask any regular attendee of The Palisades Community Church what they believed about God, their faith and the meaning of life, their answers would be varied. We are not a congregation that checks for particular doctrine at the door and if you don’t believe as we do, you’re out. 

But with that said, there are a few values that we hold in common.

We’re a Christian congregation that believes that the teachings of Jesus are important to be studied, reflected upon with modern interpretation and lived out through action.

We believe in the importance of baptism. We practice both infant and believer’s baptism by request. We offer confirmation classes to teens who were baptized as infants.

We believe in the importance of communion. The first Sunday of the month, you’ll be welcomed to a service of Holy Communion. All are welcomed to participate who choose to do so.

We believe in the beauty of Christian community. We are dedicated to building a community amidst diversity of race, lifestyle and belief.

We believe that God’s love compels us to give back in service to those in need. For this reason, one of our services each month includes a speaker that speaks to the value of a particular mission whether it be locally, nationally or globally.

We believe that we’re a part of the wider Church universal. For this reason, we’re a member of the International Council of Community Churches (ICCC), an organization founded to bring community churches like ours together for shared fellowship, service and racial reconciliation.