Dear friends-
These have been such unprecedented times we are living in! From one day to the next it seems all week our lives have been changed within in instant. Plans have been altered of all kinds and if your house is anything like mine you find yourself saying regularly, “Are we living in a dream? Or a movie? Or is this real?”But as we see and learn more on the news each day, the coronavirus is real and needs to be taken seriously.
As we continue to follow what health and government officials offer us as their best wisdom, we’ve decided to close the church to activities beginning Monday, March 16th. Individual offices will remain open for any who want to use them but after Sunday there will be no gatherings in the church for at least the next two weeks, maybe longer.
We are having a short gathering on Sunday because our numbers are so small and we have lots of room in the sanctuary to sit apart from each other to keep social distance, but will not be having coffee hour. If you feel you need to stay at home, please do. But for the rest of us, this will be a service of prayer and comfort.
In the coming weeks, I will be providing check-ins via email and on our Facebook page so that we can all stay connected to each other and to God during this uncertain time. And don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of pastoral service to you. You can always reach me on my cell or by email.
Please know of my love and God’s love for you right now and that together we will get through this—
Pastor Elizabeth