The Palisades Community Church is a progressive, welcoming, intentionally diverse congregation located in the northwest quadrant of Washington, DC. We are nearly one hundred years old: multi-denominational, dedicated to religious inclusiveness, and committed to giving back to our community and world.

We believe that all people are unconditionally welcome and that the teachings of Jesus call us to love and serve all of our neighbors, both in the Washington, DC community and beyond.

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Exciting Transitions in 2021

The congregation recently envisioned and formed a community outreach project called the Palisades Hub. Management by the Hub makes the church’s facilities available to the broader community and ensures robust stewardship of our campus. By cultivating a gathering space for people to connect, learn and serve, the church is living out the truth that “Our Middle Name Is Community.”

In February Julie Simonton became the Executive Director of the Palisades Hub.

Also in February, the Rev. Ruth Everhart began to serve the congregation as the Transitional Pastor, ending on September 30. You can read her summary report and two final sermons below.

We anticipate having a new settled Pastor on board this fall. You can be part of this significant moment in our history!

As the Palisades Hub begins to form its own life and identity, the congregation is reclaiming and redefining what it means to be a community of faith. Won’t you join us on this journey?

These two images are the front and back of a postcard about PCC. If you’d like print copies, Contact Us.