The Palisades Community Church is an ecumenical multi-denominational congregation founded in 1923 with deep roots in the Palisades neighborhood of Washington, DC. We are affiliated with the International Council of Community Churches (ICCC), which is an international, intercultural, interracial fellowship of churches. As people devoted to following Christ, we are committed to community, to treasuring diversity, to living our faith in service and love. We believe that all people are unconditionally welcome and that the teachings of Jesus call us to love and serve all of our neighbors, both in the Washington, DC community and beyond.

During this time of Covid restrictions, we are gathering in new ways, but we are still The Palisades Community Church, and offer you a warm welcome! Please worship with us via Zoomdetails here.

During the past year (2020) the congregation has been very active and two enormous changes are happening as 2021 begins!

~ We have formed the Palisades Hub, a welcoming gathering place for you to connect, learn, and serve your neighborhood and city. We are excited to welcome a new Executive Director for the Hub.

~ Our faith community has bid farewell to our beloved Rev. Elizabeth Hagan and is welcoming a Transitional Senior Pastor, Rev. Ruth Everhart.