About Us

We are a progressive multi-denominational, family-oriented, welcoming congregation located in the northwest quadrant of Washington, DC.  We are excited to be enjoying our 96th year in the Palisades community at 5200 Cathedral Avenue, N.W.

As Covid restrictions continue to relax in DC, our worship service remains outside at 10 am. Join was for Yard Church. Bring a lawn chair, wear a mask and stay socially distant. Normally, between September and mid-June, we have a fellowship time each Sunday after the service at 11 am in Memorial Hall.  In the summer months, we enjoy coffee outside in the Eternity Garden at 9:30, before worship. Many of our regular attendees walk to church because they live in the neighborhood. Many drive in from other parts of Washington DC, Maryland or Northern Virginia.

Though we aren’t connected to a particular denomination, many of our members grew up in United Methodist, Lutheran or Baptist congregations and have found home with us.  Our theology is open-minded, grounded in the traditions of the mainline church and liturgical.

Because we believe in the power of racial reconciliation and missions, we are a member of the International Council of Community Churches.  The Council is an international, intercultural, interracial fellowship of churches and ministry centers which seeks to realize Christian unity in local, national and world relations.

Mission Statement

The Palisades Community Church is dedicated to building Christian community amidst diversity of race, lifestyle and belief, through inspiring worship and community service.

Our History

The Palisades Community Church was founded in 1923 when several families became interested in developing a neighborhood Sunday School for their children. They called a community meeting and were happy to learn that the idea was quite popular among area families. Because the neighbors were from 11 different denominational backgrounds, they feared that it would be too competitive to focus their teachings on one particular tradition. One of the founders suggested that they begin a Community Church in which all would be welcomed and to which all members could bring the best of their spiritual heritage.

The Palisades Community Church is now an independent, post-denominational church that welcomes all into our family. Our progressive Christian congregation is dedicated to religious inclusiveness, care and concern for our congregation and giving back to the world around us.

Caring and Supportive Congregation

We are vibrant, close-knit and open-minded. Active engagement in the life of the church and in the lives of its members and friends is an essential component of our values and vision. Our church is a way of life that enriches the lives of all those who participate in it and the community of which we are a part.

Our church is a place for reflection and connection, to renew us for the work and pressures of our daily lives. Our church is a place for families to introduce their children to strong Christian values, sense of purpose, moral confidence and genuine respect and care for one another. Individuals and families across generations come together within the church as a true community of friends.

Spiritual Identity

We nurture our own congregation and promote the best attributes of humanity in the Christian tradition. However, members and visitors from every denomination and spiritual background find a place at our church. We are an independent Christian church affiliated with the International Council of Community Churches. Our life together is based upon faith in Jesus Christ and the values which he taught. We are welcoming to all, regardless of race, creed or lifestyle. We recognize many paths to spirituality, connection to God and community.

Our desire for religious diversity reflects our recognition that every individual finds his or her own way to God. Our church is completely open to any and all people without prejudice. We are a family and we build our values around our concern not for ourselves, but for each other. These values include great curiosity about the world in which we live and all the peoples and cultures of the world that make up the fabric of humanity. As our Spiritual Identity Vision Statement proclaims, “Our diversity is our unity!”

Service to God and Community

The cornerstone of our church is commitment to give back to the greater community. We believe every person has something to offer which will enrich our community. This translates into active volunteerism in our neighborhood, city, country and the world. We encourage every participant to embrace the spirit of giving and set an example of how to live a life of positive values through personal action. Stewardship to our church and community missions includes regular commitments of time, energy and financial support.