Our Staff

Our Transitional Senior Pastor: The Reverend Ruth Everhart

We are on the cusp of calling a new Settled Pastor at PCC. You can be part of this exciting change!
Our Transitional Pastor, Rev. Ruth Everhart, served PCC half-time February through September 2021.
She is an author, speaker, and pastor who has served Presbyterian (PCUSA) churches for some thirty years. She enjoys ministry to small churches, and believes that these can be healthy, thriving, sustainable communities of faith.
Last March she preached and spoke at PCC about her newest book, The #MeToo Reckoning: Facing the Church’s Complicity in Sexual Abuse and Misconduct. This book weaves together contemporary stories and ancient scripture to call the church to lament, repent, and build a community of equality and justice. Publishers Weekly named it one of the Five Best Religion Books of 2020.
Her other two books are spiritual memoirs. Chasing the Divine in the Holy Land chronicles a transformative two-week pilgrimage to Israel and Palestine. Ruined tells her story of sexual assault and was named 2017 Book of the Year by Christianity Today Women.
Learn more, including links to many published articles and a ridiculous number of blogposts (many about ministry) at her website.
Pastor Ruth lives in northern Virginia with her husband, Doug, who’s a sixth grade Science teacher. The couple has two grown daughters, Hannah and Clara. Besides writing and reading, her favorite things include walking in the woods, watching live performances (some day!), and enjoying her husband’s good cooking. And yes, she owns a cat. It’s her understanding that cat ownership is mandatory for writers.

Our Parish Associate: The Reverend Beth McKinney

Our congregation is blessed to have Rev. Beth McKinney as a Parish Associate. Beth is a lifelong member of our community, having been baptized here as a child in 1963, nurtured as a youth, and serving as an active leader in adulthood. She has also received seminary training. Educated in Catholic schools as a young person, Beth began theological studies at Virginia Theological Seminary, and completed her Master of Divinity degree at nearby Wesley Theological Seminary.

On May 5, 2012, she was ordained at PCC, and in October of 2013 she was installed as Assistant Pastor. Since then she has volunteered her pastoral services at PCC by preaching, teaching and making pastoral visits. In recent years she has developed a passion for Biblical Storytelling, and has earned a certificate from the Network of Biblical Storytellers. While doing all this, Beth has also pursued a 30 year career in public health. She is currently a dental hygienist working with undocumented immigrants, often children.

In 2021 the Church Council changed her official title to Parish Associate to better reflect her relationship to the church, since she performs pastoral services without remuneration. As before, Beth continues to exercise her gifts within this congregation, for which the members are exceedingly grateful.